30 Beautiful Photos Of Tattooed Parents Who Love Their Kids More Than Anything

These inked moms and dads prove that a person’s body art has no effect on how much they adore their children.

Somehow, they managed to pack a whole lot of cuteness into one picture.

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If you don’t follow this adorable family on Instagram, you’re missing out.

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The quote on her arm fits the picture so perfectly.

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This kid is already well on his way to looking as hardcore as his mom!

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It looks like this dad got double the trouble!

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This family looks like they have so much fun together!

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My heart is now in a puddle on the floor.

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Philippe Aumond and Camille Boivin got tattoos of insulin pumps to make their son, Jacob, feel cooler about his real one.

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When your kids are old enough, you can go get inked together!

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