At First, These Seem Like Ordinary “Photos” But The Truth Behind Them Will Surprise You

When you first look at artist Eloy Morales’ face paintings, you might dismiss them as just another person’s attempt to create “art” by throwing some paint on their body and calling it a day. But trust me when I say that what’s really behind these pictures will blow your mind… I still can’t believe what I’m looking at.

Eloy Morales hails from Spain and loves nothing more than to paint faces.


Most of the time, he paints his own face using a variety of bright colors.572

As you can tell, he uses a good bit of paint (and a lot of creativity) before his work is complete.573

It’s impossible not to be impressed when you think about the effort that must have gone into his work.574 

I mean, just look at that detail! I’ve never seen anything like it!


I can’t even imagine the hours that must have been put into this one.


Wait, you’re not impressed with this?


How about now?


None of these are photographs, but instead unbelievably realistic oil paintings that depict the artist’s paint-covered face.579

Eloy also works his magic on portraits of other people.


Even when you see the painting in progress, it’s hard to wrap your brain around the idea that it’s not a photo.581

Everything in his portraits is virtually flawless, from the hair…


…to the facial expressions….


…right down to individual pores.


For me, Eloy’s most noteworthy talent is his ability to paint liquids, such as paint or shaving cream.585

It looks like you could wipe the foam right off his face.


While the realism in his paintings is undoubtedly impressive, there’s also a message to be taken away from Eloy’s art.587

Just like the pictures themselves, there is always so much more to people than meets the eye.588

Maybe if we started paying attention to the details…


…we would see everyone for the masterpieces that they truly are.


To check out more of Eloy’s work, visit his website here!