These Gorgeous ‘Monokinis’ Are Designed Specifically For Breast Cancer Survivors

Team Monokini 2.0 is on a mission: to change people’s minds about the way they view women’s bodies, specifically when they get a mastectomy. “We think that the current focus on a breast-reconstruction after mastectomy as the only way to a full life, is a breast-fixated way of seeing what a woman is,” they state on their website, going on to explain their amazing project making swimsuits designed for one-breasted women who have survived breast cancer.

The Monokini swimsuits have been designed specifically to fit a woman after a mastectomy, and they’re completely gorgeous.


Designers and models have volunteered to take part in the project and are joining forces to create positive change about the way women feel about their bodies.103

“It had to do with more than what to wear on the beach,” said Rudi Gernreich, the designer of the first Monokini. “It was about a changing culture throughout all society, about freedom and emancipation.”104

Each suit is unique and celebrates the woman wearing it.105

The photos really show the beauty and strength of the model, and the bravery it takes to be so candid with one’s body, especially after such a drastic change like a mastectomy.106

They also show how tough the survivors are.107

The suits are also a way of exploring the taboo of nudity. The Monokini website states: “Our other aim is to dig into the restrictive social taboo on what is considered appropriate – of exposing something that is not there. Seeing an exposed breast is considered nakedness, but why is exposing no breast also considered nakedness?”108

The project is really fascinating, and each of the photos are strikingly beautiful.


It’s an inspiring testament to each woman’s strength and courage…and each designer’s amazing talent.110

Every photo tells a story of what beauty really is.111

I’m so inspired by this project.

For more information about Monokini 2.0, and the crowdsourcing fundraiser that will begin May 30th, check out their website here.

H/T: Imgur