Unbelievably Gorgeous Dresses Designed Using Flower Petals – Awesome Stuff!

Grace Ciao is a fashion student living in Singapore who creates stunning designs that you won’t believe… but not just because the clothing is beautiful. Ciao’s sketches are made using real flower petals, and the results are unbelievably gorgeous.

Grace’s designs use the beautiful textures of flowers to create unique dresses that have never been seen before.


Where most fashion designers use watercolors or other art supplies, Ciao is inspired by the items she uses, and each dress takes on the spirit of the flower.882 883

Ciao was inspired to use flowers for sketches when she got a rose from a boy and wanted to preserve its beauty even though it was dying.884 885

She says that her favorite flowers are those that have more than one color so she can get creative with the way that they form the piece.886 887

It seems like such a simple idea, using flowers for fashion, and yet each of Ciao’s dresses is unlike anything I’ve seen before.888 889

Can you imagine wearing one of these amazing creations?

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It’s neat to think that the petals won’t last forever, and yet Ciao puts so much work and care into every detail of the dress.894 895

They’re really fascinating.


I don’t think I can choose a favorite. They’re just so beautiful!

For more of Grace Ciao’s work, check out her website here, and her Instagram account here!

H/T: BoredPanda