Austria-based British photographer Robbie Shone captures some of the most amazing photos of adventurers exploring the remote depths of caves.

The photographer dives deep into the vast underworlds of caves with fellow explorers.240241242

He captures the incredible feats of adventurers curious and brave enough to journey into the deep, dark cavernous abyss.243 244

Many of these thrill-seeking individuals dangle from thin ropes, holding on to dear life and not knowing what to really expect below them.245 246 247 Shone has been right beside these rigorous adventurers as they carefully drop to depths reaching 650 feet below.248249 On the ground, the explorers continue to have endless obstacles to overcome.250251

These include anything from trekking through 117 miles of underground spaces that range in to battling raging currents of white water.252

The temperatures so far down without any sunlight can also be brutal. Here, an explorer is huddled close to a single candle for warmth.253

It’s incredible to think that Shone has been on an expedition that lasted nearly 4 consecutive days in order to photograph “the first cave to hold the 1 km depth record.”254255

See more of Shone’s adventurous photography on his website, here.

H/T: Colossal