Siblings Are The Best Things To Ever Happen To You

When we’re kids, our siblings might as well be our worst enemies. They borrow our clothes without asking, get jealous of our new toys, tattle on us to our parents and are basically the thorn in our youthful sides.

Until they’re not. The older we get, the closer many of us grow to our siblings.

The phenomenon of getting closer as we get older has been confirmed by science. A study published in the Journal of Adolescent Research in 2005 found that as we get older, we become more independent and separate from our siblings, which actually contributes to increased intimacy and closer bonds. Distance and maturity makes the hearts of 20-somethings grow fonder for their sibs.

Which means now, more than ever, we should appreciate all they’ve done for us. Go ahead — it will make your parents so happy. via – bored daddy

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